The news we have all been waiting for! We are very excited to announce that work has commenced on Wisemans Ferry Community Men’s Shed in the grounds of Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club.

Finally after endless hours spent investigating, negotiating and visiting the various bodies associated with all things legal, the footings have been poured and we enthusiastically await delivery of our shed in a few weeks’ time.

The executive have been working tirelessly, pulling things together to make this happen, none more so than Adrian who has put in a marathon effort over the last few months. With his back ground in the building industry, he has managed to engage the help of a few good contacts who can assist us in this project.

We hope to begin erecting the shed around mid-October and we would like to have it completed and fitted out, all things running smoothly, in time for Christmas. That would be just the perfect ending to the year.


Your Generosity

None of this could be happening though without the huge support of our generous community. We have often commented on what it is like to be living in such a caring and genuine community and there are a lot of terrific local businesses that are a part of this.

They hold a real interest in viable projects that will make a difference in the lives of others and once again they have stepped up to assist and support us where they can. They recognise the invaluable importance of a Men’s Shed in the hub of Wisemans Ferry in an otherwise quite isolated area for many residents.


Local Business

The following local businesses have gone above and beyond with help on our project and we are truly indebted to their kindness. These businesses are:

Concreting by Wayne Bonser 0408242541, P F Formation Concrete 45668365, Wide Span Sheds 45777914, Urban City Consulting 45877000, Bunnings Warehouse McGraths Hill 45876700, H R King & Son Home Hardware 45769888, Wisemans Ferry Realty 45664660, Bendigo Bank Galston 96532227 and Wisemans Ferry Bowling Club 45664307.

It is important therefore that we support and use these local businesses when we need things done so they can continue to do the good work they do.


Moving Forward

We can hardly wait to be operating from our new premises and have the room to move and operate more professionally. The workspace at our temporary site has been a blessing so we could continue to operate the Men’s Shed and we are very thankful and appreciative to Adrian and Annette for putting up with us for coming up two years now.

However it has been a sometimes difficult and less than ideal environment for producing a professional finish on some of our projects.

The new shed will have a well- designed and set out workspace that will give the shedders more opportunity to do things well.

We look forward to growing our membership then too as I am sure there are many of you out there who would love to join the Men’s shed and enjoy the camaraderie it offers.

Thank You

There are many other businesses and organisations that support the Men’s Shed too so a big thank you also to:

Australian Men’s Shed Association
Cabot’s Premium Woodcare Brands
Trevor and staff at Glenorie Butcher
Thinking Signs
Kerrie Sheaves, Men In Action
Mr Ray Williams MP
Mr Phil Ruddock MP
Mr Dominic Perrottet MP
Wisemans Ferry FB Page
Wisemans Ferry Forgotten Valley Inc
Living Heritage Magazine
Glenorie & Galston Community News
Hawkesbury Independent

Please remember to support these businesses and organisations as they are truly making a difference in your community.

Meanwhile we are still operating from our temporary site, each Tuesday between 9.30am-3.30pm at 2811 River Road, Wisemans Ferry.

You can contact Adrian on 0448833781 or email us at

Contact us, Wisemans ferry Facebook