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Enquiries about the website and advertising in the Business Directory should be directed to:

Diana Paton 0408 011 193 or email

For contacts for the Living Heritage magazine, please see right

FERRY OPERATION: 24 hours – 7 days a week (except Webbs Creek)

Webbs Creek Ferry (River Road)

Service day: ferry services will not operate on the first Tuesday of every month between 9.30am to 12:00pm. Use the Wiseman’s Ferry during these times.

Wiseman’s Ferry (Old Northern Road)

There are 2 ferries that service this crossing during busy peak periods.

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Living Heritage Contacts

Eastbend Rural Communications Inc is an organisation formed in 1997 by community minded people and business business owners to strengthen our community and promote tourism to the most beautiful part of New South Wales.

We run a monthly community magazine called The Living Heritage and we are managers of this website.

Advertising Enquiries for the Living Heritage

Advertising in Living Heritage magazine:
Sheila Trotman 0410 504 132 – email
Editorial for Living Heritage magazine:
Carole Sweeney, Editor, 0407 949 899 – email
Accounts for Living Heritage magazine
Deborah Quinn –

Old Northern Road, Wiseman’s Ferry NSW 2775


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