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St Mary Magdalene’s Anglican Church is located on River Road, WIsemans Ferry

Church Service & sunday School

Every Sunday at 9.00am

Morning tea afterwards – all welcome.. more information call Greg Peiley 0245 72 3262


n 1841, St Mary Magdelene Anglican church was built by Solomon Wisemans in the village. It later fell into disrepair and a new church was built 50 years later. The Wisemans Ferry Methodist church was opened in 1862, but was carried away in a flood five years later and never replaced.

The current church, dating from the 1880s, was built using many of the pieces of sandstone from the 1840s church. It was paid for by public subscription. There is a school of thought that believes the current church was designed by the colonial architect, Edmund Blacket, but this is unlikely as he died in 1883 and was in England in 1880.