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Solomon Wiseman A statue commemorates Solomon Wiseman after whom Wisemans Ferry is named.

Solomon (1777-1838) was a convict, merchant and ferryman who, in 1805 (England) was found guilty of stealing wood and sentenced to death. However in 1806, his sentence changed to Transportation for Life and was sent to NSW with his wife Jane and children.

An astute businessman, he managed to have himself assigned to his wife Jane, and while still a convict began shipping timber along the coast.

In 1812 was given a pardon and in 1817 he was granted a lease of 200 acres on the Hawkesbury River at Lower Portland Head, now known as Wisemans Ferry. He established an Inn on the river banks called “Sign of the Packet” and obtained a lease to operate the ferry in 1827, when the construction of the Great North Road began to transport provisions, livestock and passengers across the river.

After his wife Jane died in 1821, Solomon later married Sophia for whom he built the grand old Cobham Hall in the late 1820’s. This house forms the main part of what is now called The Wisemans Ferry Inn.