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Don’t miss this stop!     On Old Northern Road as you start travelling down into Wisemans Ferry township, or otherwise known as the Forgotten Valley, this is without doubt a Lookout that will take your breath away.

Overlooking one of this country’s best rivers, the Hawkesbury River, and with a back drop like no other, Hawkins Lookout is a place you want to visit when you are either staying, passing through or even spending a day at Wisemans Ferry.

There is free parking that is within a few metres of the lookout itself.

Hawkins Lookout also has BBQs with picnic tables so if you want to fill those senses with not only tucker but the best that Mother Nature has to offer with her crisp air and spectacular views, then bring some lunch and enjoy it all.

For a little history, Hawkins Lookout was named after Freddie Hawkins. He was a postman who carried the mail on the run from Windsor to Wisemans Ferry in the 1930’s. However, there has been some controversy over the name of the Lookout being incorrect and actually attributed to Harold Hawkins, Minister for Lands, in the 1950’s book Hawkesbury River Sketchbook.

Main photograph taken by Keith McKnight.