All Ferries are now back in operation

Local resident of Wisemans Ferry, Sophie, has been studying to become a Paramedic since 2017. Since then it has become all too obvious that we are too far from medical attention, especially when faced with a cardiac arrest. As a result Sophie has collaborated with Western Sydney University academics, The Defib Shop and Wisemans Ferry Forgotten Valley Inc to design a project to install community defib accessible defibrillators in the Community…

Community Defib Project, Formally established in 2019, the Community Defib Project is a collaboration between Western Sydney University and the Defibshop.

The project is a non-for-profit organisation groups that works towards installing community accessible defibrillators in small, at risk communities such as Wisemans Ferry. Since commencing, the project has partnered with small communities such as Wisemans Ferry and has installed 12 community accessible defibrillators. The project is dedicated to providing not only equipment but practical support and education to increase residents chance of survival in a sudden cardiac arrest.

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