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The Missions 1937

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The Missions 1937
THE MISSIONS 1937 Welcome to a new and purpose built Bed and Breakfast one hour from Castle Hill in Sydney and two hours from the CBD in the area of Wiseman’s Ferry.

Your hosts Primrose and Roy, constructed a dwelling for the 21st century that reflects the history of the property as well as their own interests and conserve the views and aspect of the historic Chapel preserved by the local Historical Society. We wish not only to provide accommodation but to provide an experience which will be remembered.
The property was one of the first settled on the Hawkesbury River and was initially known as “Greens” after the first owners who settled there during the very early 1800’s. In the mid 1800’s the Methodist revival swept the Hawkesbury River and a small Chapel was constructed on land given by the Greens adjacent to the main house. During the mid 20th century the “Divine Word Mission” acquired the property and it was known as “The Missions”.
The property has 3kms of river frontage including a sandy beach ideal for young and old alike. You can launch your boat from the beach and further down the property there is a dedicated area for radio controlled aeroplanes under the auspices of the Sydney Radio Control Society.

Three separate buildings were initially projected not to dwarf the Chapel with any single structure but due to council requirements they were conjoined with glass walkways connecting them.
The central structure is a round tower library, inspired by the Irish and English Martello towers,  with many volumes devoted to the main interests of the clients, humour, theology, natural history  and in particular aviation history.
The second element is a small two bedroom residence for Prim and Roy.

The third element, on the right, is a substantial guest accommodation with cinema/conference room, lounge with a focus wood fireplace, guest kitchen and four spacious guest suites with spectacular river views.

The three element design is part of the trinity of the property which consists of the luxurious bed and breakfast, a working hobby farm with gardens and an airstrip with a unique collection of vintage aeroplanes.

The aeroplanes represent a cross section of civil aircraft from the “Golden Era” of flight in the 1920s to 1930s. Each aeroplane has an amazing individual history and enthusiasts from as far as the U.K. and the U.S.A. have come to Sydney to seek them out. Some aeroplanes fly regularly from the airstrip while others are projects under long term restoration and maintenance.

When admiring either the views from the structure, the books in the library or the vintage aeroplanes you are essentially admiring the mind of the creator of these things as quoted from the French writer Antoine de St Exupery author of “The Wind , Sand and Stars”and one of the most famous aviators from this golden age of flight.   The building is designed to augment these things and to act as a frame so as to inspire the admiration of the mind of the Creator.

The aeroplanes were all flying in 1937 and thus the property is now known as “The Missions 1937”


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